Quilting Tools & Gadgets

We don’t receive any compensation for any of these items. They are just our favorites.

We love this Pincushion. The best part is all your pins will be pointint in one direction. Lots of colors are available.

Everyone has a favorite rotary cutter. Test drive them and then choose. Buy a good one. Same with mats. Don’t buy cheap ones, they will dull your blades.

Many guild members love this Handi Quilter Zinger Retractable Scissor Holder. Keep this invaluable tool close.

We tried just about every product on the market for back of rulers. This is what I love. “Clear sand paper” you can cut the size you want, sticks well, removes with no residue.


Odif is a product that you spray on the back of any template or ruler that you want to make sticky. It works quite well. Warning – do this outside and spray a very light coat in a box. Let dry and you are good to go. We’ve never had it wear off.


Kai Scissors are my favorite scissors. They are lightweight and very sharp. If you go their website you can find all kinds of options. 

They make left and right handed scissors.