Maintain a consistent seam allowance, typically 1/4 inch, throughout your quilting project. An accurate seam allowance ensures that your quilt blocks align properly when pieced together. We are here to provide you with the expertise and tools you need to be successful in your quilting journey!

This is critical and requires practice. It’s like driving a car and pointing it down the road. You have to look ahead.

First quilters usually sew a ¼ in or a scant ¼ in seam. Scant is generally a thread less than a ¼ in. Let’s start from the beginning. Cut a bunch of 1 ½ x 5 in heavily starched fabric strips. Make sure they are stiff like paper. Sew 2 strips together. Is your seam width the same at the top and the bottom? If yes, sew 2 more together and then 2 more. Connect all 6 strips together and press. If your seams are straight and they are ¼ in your block is 6.5 in x 5 in. Sometimes you look away and the seam wanders or you go to fast. It’s like going over the yellow line.